CDL Training? Lull Training? Interested?

Skilled Trades of West Alabama is currently reviewing the addition of CDL training for the construction industry along with Lull training. With an identified need, plans are underway to determine the interest level among our participating employers along with programming, budgetary requirements, equipment needs and other related issues. If you’re interested and have thoughts to […]

HVAC ‘Fast Trak’ Program Showing Great Progress

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An innovative, accelerated program designed to take a new hire to an HVAC technician-ready employee in five months began at Skilled Trades in January. Using a combination of in-class, online, hands-on and on-the-job learning. Six initial students are currently being trained as HVAC technicians. Excellent progress is being made and the program is on track to meet our objective by end of […]

Skilled Trades Graduates 3rd Building Construction Class

Skilled Trades has graduated our 3rd building construction class of outstanding students and future skilled tradesmen. The program continues to grow and help fill the pipeline with skilled, career-oriented young talent. The 4th building construction class begins March 22nd .

Summer High School JumpStart Program Begins June 5th

With the success of Skilled Trades initial high school pre-apprentice JumpStart program for seniors, plans have been announced for two summer sessions beginning in June. The two-week programs will be held June 5 thru June 29, and July 10 thru August 4 at the Skilled Trades Training Center. Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday […]

Inaugural High School JumpStart Class Graduates

The inaugural Skilled Trades high school pre-apprentice JumpStart class has graduated. On Friday, March 10th, nine outstanding high school seniors from Tuscaloosa City Schools – Bryant, Central and Northridge – received their graduation certificates and credentials.   The nine-week class provided training in the construction trades leading to potential employment upon graduation from their respective high school. Classes were held five days a […]